jeudi 18 septembre 2008

Day XX - Dans les petits pots les pires portages...

It's nice out!!!

Emily broke the water pump filter this morning. She was so sorry she couldn’t even speak. She also got burnt with flaming oil because Sam threw a perogie in the pan and she happened to be sitting next to it. It really was her day today.

I tried to fish and almost caught something, but then some dude came and yelled at Marcus in French for fishing with a stick and string on his pourvoirie. Asshole (dipshit). So instead of feasting on fish we had perogies made with unpurified water. It tasted pretty good…for giardiasis.

I got a Quasimodo eye because I got bitten in the eye by one of the 389 113 427 983 black flies on the campsite. I took Benadryl in a vain attempt to stop the swelling and spent most of the night combating the drug-induced drowsiness.

The 50m portage marked on the map sucked balls. It was more or less shaped like so:

We had a neat floating lunch today. I’d keep on describing it but the Benadryl is really kicking in now…

We had conversations about what the kids want to do for their paddle in the dining hall and about what it will be like when they come back to camp. I can’t believe we’ll be at train tracks tomorrow night…

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