jeudi 11 septembre 2008

Day VIII - Enjoy your lifejacket, you're very rude.


Not only do we get attitude when we called back yesterday about the fucking lost lifejacket, but in addition to that the bush pilot (which I imagined with a tremendous angry face, a cigarette at the corner of his mouth and an unshaved beard that makes him look like a convict) literally dumps the new lifejacket in the middle of Opocopa… not that it’s exactly how we lost it in the first place or anything… So here we are, Sarah and I, paddling and trying not to loose sight of a minuscule red dot across this huge body of dreadful, wavy hell. Thanks, asshole. At least it made an epic conclusion to this mishap.

Dinner in the cabin yesterday was like cooking in a sauna, since we unwisely used the stove to bring our water (and the rest of the air contained in the cabin while we were at it) to boiling temperature. The cabin progressively heated up and the air separated into various layers that got hotter and hotter as you went up. Marcus, exhausted by his frantic paddle in search of the lifejacket and dodging of storm cells, was about to pass out and land face first in the vegetable stir fry, so he went lying down on the floor, i.e. the only area where the air was anywhere near breathable. I finished cooking dinner in my bathing suit, taking several breaks to go outside cool off in the brisk Northern Québec night. Being overheated made me somewhat cynical:

(Reznick) – I really respect Eminem. He’s a real gangster…
(Fallis) – No he’s not…
(Reznick) – Well, he had a pretty hard life and all, which makes him a real gangster…
(Me) - Helen Keller had a hard life too and she’s not a gangster…

I’m sick of being sleep deprived.

First push day of the trip. I guess we all needed it, both because freakin’ Opocopa devoured our extra time and because kids need to be pushed to the edge a little more right now.

I never thought that some day I’d get to the point where I would duel an inanimate object such as a motherfuckin’ big lake. Opocopa was defeated today, or at least we survived it. I kissed a rock at the end of it, I couldn’t think of any other way to express my happiness.

We checked out an esker today. It was cool, I felt like I was on some kind of a natural via romana. Kids were hanging out in a circle, their backs against the gorgeous landscape, as if they were in a high school yard during recess. Sometimes they discourage me a little. But then they goof around and occasionally do extraordinary shit and it makes me happy.

Marcus just farted.

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