mardi 9 septembre 2008

Day III - Sleep deprivation and mad winds made Murielle use point form

Day 3

Important facts, details and milestones of the first day on the river

- 2h30AM sunrise...

- Waking up in the gravel pit and taking at least 45 seconds to remember where we are
- Watching Stan hop in the bus and drive towards us because there is no obstacle between us and the mega-building
- Venturing in THE building to buy croissants and having them with Grand-Maman’s jam
- Entering Labrador. Ironically they also mention Newfoundland on the sign although we are hundreds of miles away from there.
- Marcus’ impression of the friendly Wal-Mart lady’s accent and the mines of epic proportions surrounding Lab City
- The man and the lady met at the put-in and their stare of disbelief as we explained what we were about to do.
- The abandoned makeshift stretcher ditched in the woods and how uneasy I suddenly felt about it
- Peering at the mountain of froufrou and loose groceries over the explorer’s shoulders as we are having the “beginning of trip speech”
- Marcus not wearing a shirt despite the...

- Cold, damp and cloudy weather
- The endless last kilometres
- The wind and rain starting just as we pull over to our campsite
- The cristi de tarp that takes forever to set up
- The rather snug common area
- Cooking "the f**k out of the chicken" to avoid salmonella
- Sam watching us cook
- Cursing as I learn how to peel plantains
- The late night gallo pinto (1:00AM!)
- Letting kids clean up everything since they slept as we froze cooking dinner
- Walking on Ménistouc lake cause the water’s so shallow and the headwinds are so frustrating
- The first portage over the height of land on a big buggy bog and wishing that the water knew where the hell it wants to go.

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