dimanche 14 septembre 2008

Day XIII - Bublé... I'm sorry I broke your heart

Hum, it’s nice out today.

What could start off the day better than a good poutine? A good conversation where we make fun of Michael Bublé, Avril Lavigne and Jessica Simpson around the fire, Luke gorging himself with gravy sauce (probably out of spite just for the hell of grossing everyone out), a good layer of coconut-scented Hawaiian Tropics (which I forgot to reapply later on in the day, causing myself a good old burn on my lower back), and here we are, on our way for another fantastic day on the Moisie!

I accumulate miscellaneous injuries. I know I’ve been writing a lot about this, but it’s worth enumerating them for posterity: hundreds of scratches, pain in my right heel, cut on my ankle that tends to infection, sunburns, eye swollen by fly bites… me tocó la lotería de la salud.

More portages.

We ran unreal sets with awesome standing waves. I shot a video of Sarah and Jacqui flying across a set and some cool pictures of Emily and Nick.

We saw a cool waterfall this morning.

2nd portage: war for the Nutella. Bugs drove everyone insane. We talked about baseball and hockey.

The Moisie is getting prettier every day. Hills turn into legitimate mountains and eskers are higher and higher. The last few kilometres of the day were swifty and led us to “Pope’s favourite”, a neat campsite with ludicrous granite formations, impressive waterfalls and eerie potholes. I wish we could have a pit day here. It’s a ginormous playground!

The sunset was beautiful: we couldn’t see the sun, but rays of golden light reflecting against the wet rocks turned the whole landscape into a jewel. The only problem about this campsite is the lack of decent tent spots. Our tent, for example, is set up on a rock that has about this shape:

We’ll see what kind of sleep I can get from that.

It was Jacqui’s birthday today. We let her choose the food we were going to eat and spent a great deal of time making a chocolate cake with an elaborate strawberry-marshmallow filling. I think she was happy about it. We also gave her the present we had bought for her, an inflatable shark she christened Sherman.

Everyone progressively turns into lepers because of their bug bites. Good thing we didn’t see any human being apart from the members of our group since we left.
Interesting exchange of words:

(Fallis, coming back from scouting the first 2o m of a portage) “This portage is a dick!”
(Basen, grinning) “That means she likes it...”
(Basen, later on) “Yeah, when I grow up I want to become a struggling comedian…”

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