jeudi 11 septembre 2008

Day VI - Can a bug be prosecuted for a neck rape?


I :( lake Opocopa…

Other facts and cool moments

- The girls and their endless water pumping session in the morning
- Sam lingering in the tent as everyone else is moving and packing
- Sarah and Luke coming up with "Part time Paraplegic", their own version of a Flight of the Conchords song
- Our mad jam session at night including about an hour of non-stop "freestyling" on the chords of "Gone" by Jack Johnson
- The Mega-panzarotti shaped like a gramma’s bonnet co-created by Nick and Luke
- Emily lily dipping and being made fun of for it
- Nat’s explanation of Judaism
- The day 3 campsite
o Gorging ourselves with cranberries
o Lying on the moss
o Finding an eagle feather (apparently you’re on the right path when you find one. We’ll keep it in the map case, hopefully the saying is true)
- The creepy noise of the waves against shore
- The girl’s terrible (and unnecessary) dishwashing job at lunch
- Cutting mangoes on the beach and still feeling very far away from the tropics
- Struggling with our adaptation to trip time zone
- Finding cool pieces of quartz in the water

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